Guns Store Washington

Guns Store Washington

If you’ve visited a guns store in Washington lately, you may have been struck by the limited supply of firearms available. The shortage of guns may tempt you to purchase a firearm that is not quite what you had in mind, but before you make a costly purchase on a firearm, visit WGS Guns to see what we have in stock. Our online gun store boasts hundreds of pages filled with handguns & long guns, magazines, and optics; you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for when you check out our firearms for sale online. We carry the best gun brands from manufacturers such as Ruger, S&W, Taurus, Sig Sauer, and many, many others.

6 Popular Gun Styles We Carry At WGS Guns

1. Pistols are always popular among our customers- we carry both metal and polymer frame pistols from numerous gun makers, including Springfield Armory, Amer, Taurus, Beretta, Colt, and quite a few additional names you’ll easily recognize. If you have a specific pistol in mind that you’d like to own, you’ll almost certainly find it in our inventory.

2. Revolvers aren’t always available from online gun dealers- here at WGS Guns, we have 34 pages filled with revolvers of all sizes, calibers, and styles, from short & snubby revolvers to long and highly accurate revolvers. Feel free to scroll through our stock to see what’s available.

3. At WGS Guns, we have 85 different AK style rifles available from Cent Arms, Arsenal, Zastava, Kusa, Riley, and more. You’ll find our AK prices to be very affordable, especially when compared with what other gun stores are currently charging. We’re always the best place to find guns for sale at low prices. Don’t take our word for it- search through our Web store and price AKs today.

4. Pick up a Bullpup from WGS Guns – with 42 different Bullpup items in stock, there’s sure to be one that will meet your needs. Even if you’re not in the market for something like a Bullpup, it can be quite enjoyable browsing through different styles.

5. Shop for defensive shotguns when you buy guns online from our store. Stay well protected with a Semi 12 gauge from C. Daly or a 16 round capacity 12 gauge from SRM. Check our website to find 14 full pages loaded with shotguns to defend your home, business, farm, greenhouse, and any other location.

6. If you’re looking for an affordable sporting rifle, check our guns store in Washington online for 5.56 rifles, 9mm rifles, 308 rifles, and so many others, it’s impossible to list them all. We’re confident we have the ideal rifle for sporting or hunting- check with us first to find the very best prices on all firearms sold in our Web store.

Shop our guns and accessories when you’re looking for exceptional value, variety, quality, and unmatched customer service. If you have questions, we welcome you to contact us at 253-472-1113. All firearms are shipped to licensed dealers- please provide your dealer’s FFL number at the time of your purchase.

Guns Store Washington
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Guns Store Washington Guns Store Washington Guns Store Washington